August 30, 2011


Africoid people from Kush in Afrika began entering China and Central Asia via Iran while other groups reached China by sea. This two migration route of Blacks to China led to the development of the southern Chinese branches of Africoids called Yi, li-man Yueh and Man, while the northern Chinese branches of Africoids were called Kui-shuang (Kushana) or Yueh-chih. Blacks also lived in Turkestand, Mongolia, Transoxiana, the Ili region and Xinjiang Province, in addition to the Yueh Tribes along the north east coastal region.

Statue of Olmec childBush man By the way Afrika has the tallest and shortest people in the world, and the so-called Asian or slanted eye is a trait which came from the Afrikans. This facial type is typical Negritic, with the eyes that seem to slant, representing a common, racial characteristic generally found in West Africa, the Sahara and in South Africa among the Kong-San Bushmen (right) and other Africans.
The Kong-San people are one of the most ancient pure Afrikan groups on earth. Black Mongols with slanted eyes The features of the Kong-san (left) include Mongoloid eyes, high cheekbones, small stature, very kinky hair and brown to yellow-brown complexion, but, these Kong-sans and a number of groups in Southern Africa with similar features have not mixed with Asians of any other race, but remain pure African Blacks.

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